Why is Money used for buying Love in Pakistan ? Feudal mentality has rotted the Pakistani society to a very large extent

The government of Nawaz Sharif as usual increases taxes and duties on essential items and the effect of feudalism is such that the elite don’t pay a single rupee in tax. the salaried class gets the beating, and they are the middle class. what happens ? their standards are downgraded, forced into immoral lifestyles as the poor are too illiterate to understand the difference between Good & Bad, beautiful & ugly and Moral & Immoral. But what has this got to do with love ? Simple, when your economy dashes down the aspirations of young middle class individuals, they are disheartened and they can’t find sincerity anywhere as everyone becomes hungry for money, no sincerity in anything NOT EVEN IN RELATIONSHIPS !!!! Parents marry off their girls to rich ass fuck heads who don’t even have brains and then continuously batter those innocent souls. who is to blame for all this ? Field Marshal (So Called) Retired Mohammad Ayub Khan, the biggest asshole Pakistan has ever seen !

He ruined the education standards, forcing lower and middle classes to study substandard curriculum at cheap rates while the elite had the best education. the elite kids never studied, they only partied and fornicated and behaved like rowdy cowboys (sorry to say but it is true). Feudal lords were admitted in the Parliament of Pakistan as per Amendments of Ayub Khan when he ruled Pakistan. such destroyed the middle class as their hard earned money went to waste, their kids skills hitting rock bottom and girls deliberately forced into thinking that Their Prince Charming will come on a horse and take them away when in fact this doesn’t happen.

A Boy cannot love a Girl unless he has money and a girl cannot earn because our society doesn’t appreciate a well educated girl. However, times have changed but this feudal thinking still exists as it still mangles many households.

Pervez Musharraf was the only leader to make a positive change, empowered the middle class by putting the whole job market on an open merit basis, improving education curricula, made a strong economy, gave aspiration chances to everyone, every product and service in the market had variety 🙂 except the housing market which appreciated and forced those without property to grab a risky lease from House Building and Finance Corporation (H.B.F.C). still, some segments of the society were alienated but were humanized real soon. from 1999 til 2007, Pakistani society enjoyed robust middle class success and had no fear of the elite 🙂

But then came 2008 when Zardari became President. the housing market did die but so did the economy, factories closed as workers were held hostage by thieves, companies winding up as Zardari extorted them, many industrialists fled as their families were endangered, Ashfaq Pervez Kayani purchased and worse of all, Taliban empowered and made to carry out operation against Urdu speaking residents of Karachi 😦 :'(.

Seeking jobs in the middle east became hard, as 7 out fo 10 Pakistanis were either Talibanized or were crooks, the Pakistani passport’s value equivalent to nothing but a crock of shit (sadly this is till today as Filipino passports are more respected than their Pakistani counterparts), Afghan crooks obtaining fake Pakistani CNIC’s (Computerized National Identity Card) and Passports and then committing crimes abroad. Pakistan earned a bad name.

Forced marriages, long a tradition of Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa rose up sharply. many innocent girls were forcibly married to foreign Pakistanis who were either dopes or playboys and apart from that innocent British Pakistani girls of Pukhtun, Punjabi, Baloch, Sindhi, Kashmiri and Mirpuri descent were forcibly married to illiterate Pakistani boys and then kept in confinements in the United Kingdom or in Pakistan, reason being the feudal thinking. Non Urdu speaking Pakistanis in England are literally illiterate, to an extent that a man those households even if married can go and screw a white chick but if a girl went out and asked some Englishman the time then she is killed in the name of Honor in front of young children so that the kids will confirm to the ruthless, brutal and shitty feudal Pakistani culture. The British Police has arrested and ass kicked many of them but they never learn. Thankfully, they have arrested that bearded racist Punjabi British bastard Anjem Chowdhry formerly known as Andy (Playboy Prick) in a bid to curb extremism and feudal culture.

This feudal culture forced many parents to sell their girls aged as young as 8 into marriages with pedophiles, and many of these girls have died. despite arrests and international exposure leading to outrage, little or no action has been taken against the perpetrating bastards. and even if taken, the Taliban would come to their rescue. Thankfully General Raheel Sharif is reversing this trend but is Nawaz Sharif doing so ? Nawaz Sharif himself is the promoter of Feudal culture and his supporters are nothing but a bunch of brainless money gobbling wh*res !!!!

Another issue is that many girls are forced into marrying older boys and men, why ? so they can forcefully respect them. why should a girl be forced to respect someone, WHY ? Islam prohibits Child Marriage and Forced Marriage and has given more rights to women than other religions. Pakistani people have demented and degenerated themselves into morons !!, idiots who only think about money and nothing else. Thankfully, Karachi is a city where the society still has good brains unlike the rest of the country which has degenerated.

The current market and economy trends are painful, inflation is sky high so hence no one is able to buy food, accessories or anything and if so, then their earnings are illegal. The feudal system and painful economy has forced many to buy love, instead of honestly expressing it and they can’t as the Pakistani economy is faltering, society’s degenerating and For some Parents (May God open their eyes), they need eye openers.

Women and Girls are treated sarcastically, and many are forced to think that only money can guarantee a safe future. WRONG !, education can. Educate your girls and women, place them in internships at the rght time so they can forge and mould great careers for themselves, make them independent as they too have a right to make choices and live the equivalent of men. when most of the Muslim world can, why can’t Pakistan do it ?

May Allah Taalaa save our country from further degeneration (Aameen)


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Of Mullahs, killing of renown scholars and sectarianism. a dark ugly monster hitting Karachi again

Lets face it, this is real and alarming. if uncontrolled, it will draw racial boundaries in our society !

A guy named Shaheryar Naqvi, resident of Nazimabad gets a threat on a piece of paper with a bullet and his name written on it, what does it mean ? a death threat. why ? because of his sect. it is unlawful to give a death threat to a person of different sect as per Islam’s rules but sadly, we live in a madhouse republic termed an Islamic Republic :(.

A few days earlier, Professor Doctor Shakeel Auj, Dean of Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Karachi is gunned down near Bait ul Mukarram Mosque, his niece was accompanying him and is in intensive care. he was heading to a cultural event at the Islamic Republic of Iran cultural center in Clifton.

Sectarianism is on the rise in Karachi. it has recently hit many Shia lives and has always taken place during the time of Nawaz Sharif. the irony of Nawaz Sharif’s government is that it always targets Urdu speaking Shias as Nawaz Sharif himself is the creator and supporter of all these stupid Mullahs and Jihadi outfits. these outfits are not religious but rather criminal, having targeted renown industrialists, scholars and individuals as well as their families as these outfits oppose progress. these outfits are responsible for downfall of Islam in Pakistan’s society.

Many Sunni families, especially educated ones have lived alongside Shia families in Karachi for many years. many have intermarried and are living harmoniously since then. but the fundamentalist Mullahs and Jihadists would never like progress and harmony as such is transparent and would expose the criminality these Mullahs have in themselves. I really feel sorry for the lives of our Shia brothers and sisters in danger, they too have the right to live, eat, drink, work and be happy just like us !!!!!!

I am a Sunni myself, & I have no hatred for any other sect. as far as Shias are concerned, they are like our own. they may be different but they have never caused me any harm. Shias and Sunnis can and must live together and must be allowed to live together.
When Shias and Sunnis can co exist peacefully in Lebanon, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, United Arab Emirates, India, Australia & New Zealand then why is their co existence such a threat to these fundamentalist retards here in Pakistan ? :@

Dr. Shakeel Auj was against both militancy and sectarianism. he was an educationist, a scholar, a writer, a peaceful individual and most importantly a good law abiding obedient citizen of humanity. his murder is a blow to the harmony of the Pakistani society and to the Islamic Republic tag.

Fatwas were lodged against him for no reason, neither the madressah’s name nor the name of the mullahs have been disclosed :(. plus, he was a respectful person who would always love to help in terms of religious advice. he never made any difference on sect, rather he believed all Muslims as One. he never cared about any sect, he treated all alike with equality and justice. his killing is unjustified.

I Pray to Allah Taalaa that these killings stop at once and that harmony is restored withing our society. it is important that harmony stays within us so we can progress, otherwise we will be no less than barbarians !!

Gmail Password Leak Update

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This week, a group of hackers released a list of about 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords. This list was not generated as a result of an exploit of WordPress.com, but since a number of emails on the list matched email addresses associated with WordPress.com accounts, we took steps to protect our users.

We downloaded the list, compared it to our user database, and proactively reset over 100,000 accounts for which the password given in the list matched the WordPress.com password. We also sent email notification of the password reset containing instructions for regaining access to the account. Users who received the email were instructed to follow these steps:

  1. Go to WordPress.com.
  2. Click the “Login” button on the homepage.
  3. Click on the link “Lost your password?”
  4. Enter your WordPress.com username.
  5. Click the “Get New Password” button.

In general, it’s very important that passwords be unique for each account. Using the same…

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Saving our society: Importance of both genders & putting an end to the ‘Star Plus’ shit in Pakistani Society.

God created Man for Woman and Woman for Man. both genders have their strengths and weaknesses but treating one gender badly won’t make the other gender look superior. when opposite genders mate together, an offspring is born. if both genders fight, dis-balance is created. Today’s world may seem all flashy and one night stand (Wham bam, Thank You ma’am type) but as far as any world is concerned, both genders are important.

I was once asked the question “Is a mother most important or a father ?” to which I replied “Both”. Yes, Both ! f a Mother and a Father keep on quarreling and fighting with each other, its the loss of both parents and children. Yes it is, Children grow up to be messed up, insensitive but innocent souls low in self confidence but high in confidence and resourceful but then again no respect for authority. They are later shunned by society and their trust harmed and undermined resulting in suicides. It is easy to create a killer but hard to create a soldier.

Parents must stop fighting with each other so children can have a safe and sound future and for that to happen both today’s males and females need to give up their short term romance shit and think long term, get serious and sincere. Stop treating the opposite gender as some freaking toy and at least start treating them with respect. Boys should stop harassing girls and girls should also be careful in the boys matter. Boys & Girls both are God’s innocent creatures, the reason Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) instructed to the people of Arabia on God’s instruction to stop burying baby girls alive.

The Indian-Pakistani tradition of Arranged Marriages and the myth ‘ Ghoray pe Sawaar Shahzada Aayeygaa ” are partially deplorable :@. Correct me if I’m wrong, Ok, some arranged marriages are nice and safe but in today’s world its not. plus, Evils of arranged marriage outweigh its benefits and putting girls for marriage early won’t make them obedient as they will regret and resent what has been done to them. Most husbands in arranged marriages treat their wives poorly while some husbands get screwed by evil manipulative wives. Plus, many unsuspecting innocent girls are continuously pestered by an evil Mother in Law or her family for no reason. our traditional ignorance is something that has eaten our society alive from the inside :(.

Its not like all arranged marriages are bad, most have been marvelous. but this interference thing which is shown on Star Plus and copied by Pakistani Dramas has further fueled insensitivity and is harming the lives of a lot of males and females. divisions created inside homes result in broken homes and they are rising at a fast rate. Already the Pakistani society is being divided by racial hatred and sectarianism, the educated middle class is already leaving at an alarming rate with educated middle class girls facing a fight for their lives. Many Non Urdu speaking families have been reportedly treating Urdu speaking families in a bad way ( though the educated ones are more cosmopolitan and are doing well ).

Its not just marriages either. The boyfriend-girlfriend thingie has also been hard hit. Jealousy, backbiting, double affairs, opening up quick and then leaving resulting in broken hearts, falsehood, lying, cheating these too are ruining our youth. instead of focusing on their life’s goal and achievement, they are smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, backbiting against different people, boys dating one girl for just a few weeks then dating another after dumping one (some girls doing the same too), I mean like is this a society or some God Damned Brothel ? Schools, Colleges, Universities, what are they like Brothels ? what in the bloody fuck is happening to our God damn kids ? :S.

Its deplorable, and social networks are not evil but rather being used in an evil way. Its not just the ‘New generation’ either, the old ones too are accountable. Parents must spend on their kids lavishly but must also teach them good teachings. Apart from Quran and Sunnah, many of our elders have written great tales in Urdu just for the sake of our children alone and none else. Western societies are taking full use of it and are improving, and we ? we blame the west when in fact we are devouring our own selves from the inside :(.

Time is almost up, My request to everyone is to be honest, sincere, serious and innovative. don’t get carried away by bullshit, focus on your life’s goal(s) and make yourselves stand out, make yourself unique and a model citizen of good moral values to the society. we need to stand up against this star plus type shit ruining our society and our people and save it from further destruction.

Thank You 🙂

Jinnah’s Pakistan: Will Altaf Hussain take Tahir ul Qadri’s side at the last moment or not ?

GO NAWAZ GO is the slogan of the moment.

Since the ouster of General Iskander Mirza, Mohammad Ayub Khan a self proclaimed Field Marshal proved to be the biggest blunder in Pakistan’s history. Feudalism, Racial hatred, Sectarianism were all fueled by Ayub Khan despite his good international relations. his hatred for Urdu speaking populace known as Muhajirs was the worst of its kind.

Two operations in 1966 and 1968 prompted many to head back to India in 1972. Secondly, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s communism was the best kind of economic terrorism that saw Agha Hassan Abedi head for Luxembourg to creat Bank of Credit and Commerce International (B.C.C.I). Zia ul Haq’s Islamization further downgrading women’s rights (to the extent that marriage of free will was considered taboo in many areas of Pakistan). Nawaz Sharif and Benzair Bhutto further hurting the city of Karachi in 1992 and 1995, part of my childhood seeing crime.

Only in 1999 came Pervez Musharraf, a Messiah incarnation saving the country from loans and bringing it on par with emerging nations. Men, Women, Elders, Teenagers & Children all had rights. Improvements in educational standards, economy posting growth and peak, added variety in all product lines, that was the improved life. However, he unfortunately could not create a welfare system and the National Reconciliation Order (N.R.O) rang the bell on our dear leader’s throne which he resigned from in 2008.

Since then, Asif Ali Zardari & Nawaz Sharif have been creating hell. Zardari spent five years from 2008-2013, ransacked billions, bribed thousands (including General (retired) Ashfaq Pervez Kayani), Osama bin Laden incident, thousands of innocent Urdu speaking people butchered on a daily basis :'(. Zardari is the reminiscent of the typical sweet talking racist thug whilst Nawaz Sharif is another illiterate goon with a lust for blood and money.

It is high time that someone took a stand. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has done a great job by taking side with the lower middle and middle class sections of the society to improve Pakistan’s conditions. he is indeed right that Pakistan’s foundations lied in the 1857 War of Independence, and he has decided to bring back Pervez Musharraf into power. He has taken the nation by strides and is quite well versed in Islam. Plus, his support for the common man is appreciated and had caught Nawaz Sharif and Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry planning conspiracies against our nation at the Khaana e Kaaba.

Imran Khan however should have never been against the MQM and Muhajirs but he has made wonders in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, ironically his party is supported by the affluent sections of our society and has taken brawls against Pervez Musharraf on baseless racist reasons.  However, he has gotten over that these days but despite my pro MQM stance I want them both to overthrow Nawaz Sharif and his goons off the throne.

Why hasn’t Altaf Hussain taken his side ? why is Altaf Hussain not siding with Tahir ul Qadri ? what could be the reason ?

Simple, the Muhajir people (Urdu Speaking populace of Karachi) has taken multiple batterings at the hands of racist rulers from 1958-1998 and then again from 2008 onwards. these batterings have discriminated them to an extent that Governments of Bhutto, Zia ul haq, Ayub Khan, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif tried not only persecuting them, but genocide, barring educational access, banishing them from labour market as well as wiping them out in murders, those racist leaders carried out above acts of persecution against the Muhajir community of Karachi and had falsely blamed Altaf Hussain for such. The people of Punjab are sadly very racist and are not moved by the appalling injustices the Urdu speaking community has faced. Police of Karachi consist of goons conscripted from Punjabi and Pakhtoon villages with the aim of persecuting the Urdu speaking populace. Ayub Khan had that dream, a dream only partially realized.

Hatred for Altaf Hussain is not justified at all !! the current government has been unable to attract investment plus half of the Jamaatis and Mullahs are nothing but a bunch of sadistic criminals. Sectarianism has always been Nawaz Sharif’s product with that fat ass uneducated Kashmiri prick becoming uglier than ever.

Altaf Hussain’s party at least helped unify some sections of Urdu speaking Sunnis and Shias especially the educated ones to make sure things for them go well. at this time, we need to realize that it is MQM who is making the Quaid’s city run smoothly for now.

Will Altaf Hussain bhai take Tahir ul Qadri’s side at the last moment or not ? lets find out !