Saving our society: Importance of both genders & putting an end to the ‘Star Plus’ shit in Pakistani Society.

God created Man for Woman and Woman for Man. both genders have their strengths and weaknesses but treating one gender badly won’t make the other gender look superior. when opposite genders mate together, an offspring is born. if both genders fight, dis-balance is created. Today’s world may seem all flashy and one night stand (Wham bam, Thank You ma’am type) but as far as any world is concerned, both genders are important.

I was once asked the question “Is a mother most important or a father ?” to which I replied “Both”. Yes, Both ! f a Mother and a Father keep on quarreling and fighting with each other, its the loss of both parents and children. Yes it is, Children grow up to be messed up, insensitive but innocent souls low in self confidence but high in confidence and resourceful but then again no respect for authority. They are later shunned by society and their trust harmed and undermined resulting in suicides. It is easy to create a killer but hard to create a soldier.

Parents must stop fighting with each other so children can have a safe and sound future and for that to happen both today’s males and females need to give up their short term romance shit and think long term, get serious and sincere. Stop treating the opposite gender as some freaking toy and at least start treating them with respect. Boys should stop harassing girls and girls should also be careful in the boys matter. Boys & Girls both are God’s innocent creatures, the reason Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) instructed to the people of Arabia on God’s instruction to stop burying baby girls alive.

The Indian-Pakistani tradition of Arranged Marriages and the myth ‘ Ghoray pe Sawaar Shahzada Aayeygaa ” are partially deplorable :@. Correct me if I’m wrong, Ok, some arranged marriages are nice and safe but in today’s world its not. plus, Evils of arranged marriage outweigh its benefits and putting girls for marriage early won’t make them obedient as they will regret and resent what has been done to them. Most husbands in arranged marriages treat their wives poorly while some husbands get screwed by evil manipulative wives. Plus, many unsuspecting innocent girls are continuously pestered by an evil Mother in Law or her family for no reason. our traditional ignorance is something that has eaten our society alive from the inside :(.

Its not like all arranged marriages are bad, most have been marvelous. but this interference thing which is shown on Star Plus and copied by Pakistani Dramas has further fueled insensitivity and is harming the lives of a lot of males and females. divisions created inside homes result in broken homes and they are rising at a fast rate. Already the Pakistani society is being divided by racial hatred and sectarianism, the educated middle class is already leaving at an alarming rate with educated middle class girls facing a fight for their lives. Many Non Urdu speaking families have been reportedly treating Urdu speaking families in a bad way ( though the educated ones are more cosmopolitan and are doing well ).

Its not just marriages either. The boyfriend-girlfriend thingie has also been hard hit. Jealousy, backbiting, double affairs, opening up quick and then leaving resulting in broken hearts, falsehood, lying, cheating these too are ruining our youth. instead of focusing on their life’s goal and achievement, they are smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, backbiting against different people, boys dating one girl for just a few weeks then dating another after dumping one (some girls doing the same too), I mean like is this a society or some God Damned Brothel ? Schools, Colleges, Universities, what are they like Brothels ? what in the bloody fuck is happening to our God damn kids ? :S.

Its deplorable, and social networks are not evil but rather being used in an evil way. Its not just the ‘New generation’ either, the old ones too are accountable. Parents must spend on their kids lavishly but must also teach them good teachings. Apart from Quran and Sunnah, many of our elders have written great tales in Urdu just for the sake of our children alone and none else. Western societies are taking full use of it and are improving, and we ? we blame the west when in fact we are devouring our own selves from the inside :(.

Time is almost up, My request to everyone is to be honest, sincere, serious and innovative. don’t get carried away by bullshit, focus on your life’s goal(s) and make yourselves stand out, make yourself unique and a model citizen of good moral values to the society. we need to stand up against this star plus type shit ruining our society and our people and save it from further destruction.

Thank You 🙂


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