Of Mullahs, killing of renown scholars and sectarianism. a dark ugly monster hitting Karachi again

Lets face it, this is real and alarming. if uncontrolled, it will draw racial boundaries in our society !

A guy named Shaheryar Naqvi, resident of Nazimabad gets a threat on a piece of paper with a bullet and his name written on it, what does it mean ? a death threat. why ? because of his sect. it is unlawful to give a death threat to a person of different sect as per Islam’s rules but sadly, we live in a madhouse republic termed an Islamic Republic :(.

A few days earlier, Professor Doctor Shakeel Auj, Dean of Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Karachi is gunned down near Bait ul Mukarram Mosque, his niece was accompanying him and is in intensive care. he was heading to a cultural event at the Islamic Republic of Iran cultural center in Clifton.

Sectarianism is on the rise in Karachi. it has recently hit many Shia lives and has always taken place during the time of Nawaz Sharif. the irony of Nawaz Sharif’s government is that it always targets Urdu speaking Shias as Nawaz Sharif himself is the creator and supporter of all these stupid Mullahs and Jihadi outfits. these outfits are not religious but rather criminal, having targeted renown industrialists, scholars and individuals as well as their families as these outfits oppose progress. these outfits are responsible for downfall of Islam in Pakistan’s society.

Many Sunni families, especially educated ones have lived alongside Shia families in Karachi for many years. many have intermarried and are living harmoniously since then. but the fundamentalist Mullahs and Jihadists would never like progress and harmony as such is transparent and would expose the criminality these Mullahs have in themselves. I really feel sorry for the lives of our Shia brothers and sisters in danger, they too have the right to live, eat, drink, work and be happy just like us !!!!!!

I am a Sunni myself, & I have no hatred for any other sect. as far as Shias are concerned, they are like our own. they may be different but they have never caused me any harm. Shias and Sunnis can and must live together and must be allowed to live together.
When Shias and Sunnis can co exist peacefully in Lebanon, United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, United Arab Emirates, India, Australia & New Zealand then why is their co existence such a threat to these fundamentalist retards here in Pakistan ? :@

Dr. Shakeel Auj was against both militancy and sectarianism. he was an educationist, a scholar, a writer, a peaceful individual and most importantly a good law abiding obedient citizen of humanity. his murder is a blow to the harmony of the Pakistani society and to the Islamic Republic tag.

Fatwas were lodged against him for no reason, neither the madressah’s name nor the name of the mullahs have been disclosed :(. plus, he was a respectful person who would always love to help in terms of religious advice. he never made any difference on sect, rather he believed all Muslims as One. he never cared about any sect, he treated all alike with equality and justice. his killing is unjustified.

I Pray to Allah Taalaa that these killings stop at once and that harmony is restored withing our society. it is important that harmony stays within us so we can progress, otherwise we will be no less than barbarians !!


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