SEMA 2014: Part Three

Words by Tim Wong

The sheer number of cars and variety among them is a sight to behold at SEMA. From the restomod American classics to the modified imports, the show is something you can spend endless days going through the show and still not see everything. Inside and outside, the Las Vegas convention center is littered with cars everywhere.


Belladonna Ford GT



Magnus Walker’s 78 SCHR


Another Bulletproof Automotive R35 with a fusion of Rocket Bunny and Overtake body parts.


Bulletproof Automotive Varis Kamikaze-R




Another Sarto Racing Mercedes CLK


Vollkommen Design’s widebody Subaru WRX STI



Elvis Skender’s Aimgain LS400 on Work Meister M1. After watching Elvis build both his Aimgain LS400 and then his Aimgain FRS over the course of several months online, it was nice to see them in person.



Bloodtype Racing Hyundai Genesis coupe with a Kei Miura-designed aero kit


Honda had a number of new Fits…

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