The gems of Western Australia

Good day everyone 🙂


Now tell me, which one of you knows Perth & Western Australia ? Yes, Perth & Western Australia ! I believe everyone knows them both 🙂
The Western Australia Cricket Association (WACA) Ground, Domain Stadium (Subiaco Oval) & nib stadium are among the city’s largest outdoor sporting facilities 🙂


But more than that, Perth has a lot more than just nightlife and sports. Allow me to show you the beautiful face of Perth 🙂



Perth is the capital of the province of Western Australia and is a gem of a metropolis in the middle of the desert. Once deemed as land unsuitable for farming and unable to become a settlement, it was founded on June 4th, 1829 and the first Monday of each June every year is a public holiday in all of Australia as it marks the Western Australia day. Though it is small in size and in terms of population as well as compared to other global cities but it nonetheless is the largest city & capital of Western Australia & is home to the band ‘Empire of the Sun’.

Perth is not just any city, this is city makes you feel much worthy about yourself. it’s pristine beaches, year round warm climate, lively night culture, vibrant economy, loads of green spaces, ethnically & religiously diverse population combined with a unique mix of old & new architecture. Perth’s beaches are truly divine, (being the only metropolis in Western Australia) draws more than a million tourists each year and nowadays is drawing immigrants from around the world. Perth’s beaches are among the best in Australia and are the best beaches of Western Australia following the beaches of Wollongong, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sydney.


Bibra lake is the name of both a lake and a suburb in Perth itself. the Bibra lake suburb is name. Benedict von Bibra, a businessman bought the land which is now the Bibra lake suburb & assessed from the nearby stringy back trees that the reservoir would become a lake.

The majority of the suburb, which is not part of the Beeliar Regional Park contains a major light industrial area, with businesses such as Amcor.Bibra Lake is the location for several major private recreation facilities, which include Adventure World theme park, a bungee jumping tower, Cockburn Ice Arena, paint ball and laser tag operations. Bibra Lake also has a Waldorf primary school and a Montessori primary school. it also has the manufacturing facilities and headquarters for OKA Australia.

Eagle bay is a beach in South west of Perth. Unique combination of clear sands, clear blue seas and rocks by the shore, this beach is a ‘Masterpiece’ tourist attraction. I wish I had my home near this beach :).

Kings Park is located in Perth, east of its central business district and is 4.06 square kilometers in size (larger than New York’s central park). During September of each year Kings Park hosts Australia’s largest wildflower show and exhibition – the Kings Park Festival and besides tourist facilities, Kings Park contains the State War Memorial, the Royal Kings Park Tennis club and a reservoir. The streets are tree lined with individual plaques dedicated by family members to Western Australian service men and women who died in both World Wars I & II.

Synergy Parkland (a feature of the park) is one of two children’s playgrounds in Kings Park, the other being the Ivey Watson Playground. It includes a lake and island, play and climbing equipment for children, and life-sized model dinosaurs. Energy themes, Vietnam war memorial & Zamia cafe are located in the Synergy Parkland (Sponsored by Energy firm Synergy).

Other attractions include Lotterywest Family Area, Aboriginal Art GalleryDNA TowerRoyal King’s Park Tennis Club & Jacob’s Ladder.

18 Kilometers off the coast of Fremantle, Western Australia lies Rottnest Island. It is governed by the Rottnest Island authority under a special parliamentary act, Rottnest is a popular holiday destination, and there are daily ferry services to Perth. It has a permanent population of around 100 people, with around 500,000 annual visitors (and up to 15,000 visitors during peak periods). A sandy, low-lying island formed on a base of limestone, Rottnest is an A-class reserve, the highest level of protection afforded to public land. A number of native and introduced bird species nest near the shallow salt lakes in the island’s interior, and Rottnest has consequently been designated an important bird reserve. The island also includes three endemic tree species, notably the Rottnest Island pine and was heavily forested before settlement. Rottnest is perhaps best known for its population of quokkas , a small native marsupial. The island also includes colonies of Australian sea lions & southern fur seals.

Another beautiful area of Perth is Sorrento, a northern suburb. it was assumed that it’s name was taken from the Italian town of Sorrento when a land survery was being conducted for this city way back in 1929.P rior to white settlement, the Whadjuk Aboriginal people, who called the area Mooro, gathered abalone and other shellfish in large numbers off the nearby reefs.

Sorrento is a residential suburb, relying on the Seacrest Village shopping centre for basic commercial services, and Whitford City and Centro Warwick for other services. Several parks of various sizes are situated in the suburb.The Sorrento Quay retail development within the Hillarys Boat Harbour sits on the northwestern boundary of the suburb. Off the coast is the Marmion Marine Park, which provides a home for many species of marine animals.

Australia is no doubt beautiful & unique. Despite being in the midst of desert landscape of the Australian West, Perth has it’s own unique greenery and has truly stood out to be a gem in Australia’s crown. It is relatively affluent, has lots of hi-rises, beautiful parks and ever present greenery despite the reduce in rainfall. Til this day, Perth continues to be as beautiful as ever and is further contributing to Western Australia & Australia as a whole. For those who want to Australia but a city other than Sydney, Gold Coast & Melbourne, Perth is the city that’ll promise you a lot both Western Australia and Perth have to offer 🙂